Weatherization -- sealing areas where heating and cooling escapes.
Sealing the can lights inside the attic improves your home's comfort.

We will conduct a thorough analysis of your home and identify places where the interior of your home is exposed to the elements.

After diagnosing the areas of the house that need to be addressed, we will make recommendations for those areas that need to be weatherized.

The specific projects will be home-specific and determined by what we find during the evaluation. Creating an airtight exterior can lower your energy bills significantly.

A few of our Weatherization services:

  • Sealing of Exterior Wall Outlet
  • Sealing of HVAC Supply and Return Duct Boots
  • Sealing of Canister Lights
  • Sealing of HVAC Duct Work
  • Insulated Attic Door / Attic Tent
  • Weather Sealing of Doors and Windows