Renewable energy consulting - Solar and Wind Green Energy Consulting

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In Texas, the sun will always shine and the wind will always blow.

Solar and Wind power are both viable sources of electricity for your home or business.

Whether this technology is appropriate for your situation will depend on a handful of variables. We can help you assess whether your property is a good candidate for either of these abundant energy sources.

After you have outfitted your property with either a wind generator or a photovoltaic array, you will have aggressively joined the green revolution, deriving electricity from the raw, limitless energy of the wind and sun.

Utility incentive rebate programs for businesses and commercial buildings:

Our professional renewable energy consulting services help our commercial customers understand and implement energy-saving measures under incentive programs. We have actively participated in these programs in the past, have a very good working knowledge on what types of projects qualify for incentive dollars and also know what the requirements for participation are. Most importantly we have successfully navigated the process to a profitable end for our customers.

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